Clothes & Toiletries

Living on the streets and in hostels, or not having enough money to buy new clothes regularly, makes it hard for anyone to look their best all of the time. So we also try to support people in ways that will help them to maintain their personal standards and dignity during difficult times.


There are three main areas where we rely on your donations:

Good quality clothing

We don’t expect people to buy and donate new clothes but our simple rule is that if we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, we can’t expect anyone else to. We particularly need warm winter jackets as some of the people we help spend a significant time outdoors or in poorly heated accommodation.

Other clothes

We’re also happy to accept larger quantities of older, worn clothing, shoes and handbags.


Personal hygiene means more than washing of the day’s dirt. Staying clean means staying healthy and when you don’t get regular health checks, that’s important. So we always welcome donations of soaps, deodorants, shampoo, razors, shaving foam and other toiletries – and even towels and facecloths are gratefully received.

How you can help

If you can help with donations of any of the items mentioned on this page, please get in touch.