How Businesses Can Help

There are many different ways for businesses to help charities like Loaves and Fishes. We’re always keen to talk to businesses area about the sort of support they can give. We’re also keen to talk to groups of staff or staff representatives about ways to help.


There’s no end to the list of ways that companies and staff groups can help us. Here’s just a few:

Sponsor a meal - it costs around £300 for one meal for 40 people

Make us your charity of the month, or year

Introduce payroll giving for staff

Have a charity cake day

Make a donation from your good causes fund

Have a sponsored dress down day

All of our volunteer positions are unpaid. This way, more of the money we receive from donations goes straight to the people who need help.

Want to help?

We’re always keen to speak to businesses that can help Loaves and Fishes. For more information, contact us.